Why I Chose Nozbe

Business L20 Essay

The reason that I have chosen Nozbe is because I find it to be the most organized. The way that it is set up, just registers with my brain. The priority, projects, and inbox set up is helpful to quickly find my next task to accomplish. It works as a daily list of things to do, as well as weekly, and an overall project. Like: finish reading da da da by next week, or finish Business I and English I essays by Friday so you can work on the book that you’re writing. I like the Priority inbox because I can quickly find which task that is the most important, and set the date I want it done by. I also wanted one that would work on my Laptop because I don’t have an iPhone yet. A few of the options were for smart phones, and not for desktops, so they were already out of the options box. Now a lot of them when it came down to it were pretty much the same, which was not making it easy. My dad and I already use Evernote, so now I’am trying something new. I like to play piano, so one of the things that I have done with Nozbe is: perfect measure 59 in this song by remembering to switch fingers on the C flat so that you can play the F# in measure 60, or something like that. So now I can start something new, hopefully I can become better with it and it isn’t going to be to time consuming.


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