What Story Captured Me in: A Bus of My Own, by Jim Lehrer

English L20 Essay

First I am going to start by answering Mr. North’s first question. Which is “Would this be a model for my own autobiography someday?” My answer is no, there is no way I want to have a heart attack and almost die! I also wouldn’t want my parents to die in a hospital either. I don’t want to be a news man, or a bus man. But I don’t think that is exactly what Mr. North is asking, so maybe I would in the sense that I can learn somethings from Mr. Lehrer, like don’t eat junk food, don’t get stressed out, and take naps. If I wrote an autobiography I would want people to learn something from my mistakes too. I mean every man wants to leave a legacy when they pass on.

Now for the second question [Part A], “What is the story that I remember the best? “Describe it from memory.”- The story I liked the best was the story of ‘Betsy with No Brakes’. Now to describe it from memory… This should be pretty easy because I actually did a presentation on that chapter. Betsy was just outside Wichita heading toward some building in the center of town. When Cameron the driver ran a stop sign. Jim noticed it and was wondering why Cameron did that when the road ahead came into view and he was slowing way down. Thats when Jim realized that the brakes were out. After making it through several lights without having any accidents, their destination came into view. Jim could see his dad, mom, and sibling (I think) when he called out to them that the brakes where out! This caused many problems, mostly with the passengers, but also with his dad who he thought was sure to reprimand him for shouting this out. They made it through, and Jim didn’t get scolded.

Second question [Part B], “What was it that grabbed me? What did he do that made it grab me?”- What grabbed me most was the fact that through out the whole experience there could have been instant death or serious injury to a lot of people at any given moment. This alone kept me captivated in the story. The way that Jim wrote out the experience in his autobiography was like watching a movie. You could clearly imagine Betsy, the passengers, the city, the stop lights, the other traffic, and how they all came in contact with each other. He described it no doubt, in the exact way that he experience it. And by doing this he invites readers to become Jim Lehrer when he is on that bus. I did not find this chapter hard to remember, it was a very well done chapter, and I really enjoyed reading about Jim Lehrer. Thank you Mr. North for choosing this autobiography, I might never have known about him if you hadn’t picked him. I am looking forward to the next individual who we get to learn about.


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