What Am I Willing to Settle For?

Business L25 Essay

1st Question“What am I willing to settle for one year from now?”

Answer: At 16 years of age coming up I would want to have the capital to buy a travel trailer, so that when the time came I could get married and buy that travel trailer. This would only be temporary, until I had enough money for a down payment on a nice house. This would require my own business, branched out from under my families business,to be successful. For that to make sense I’ll need to tell you that my family has plans to start a family business “hierarchy,” where other members of the family can branch off and start their own business. The goal of all the branched businesses would be to become finically independent, and leave the “king” business to become their own “king.” This is a goal, now my business doesn’t need to be a “king” ate age 16, it just needs to be making me money. I probably will want to start a couple businesses, to have a bigger income.  I also will want to have been most of the way done with my sophomore year.  One last thing, I want this blog to become very successful as well, proclaiming Gods Truths to many people around the world.


2nd Question“What am I willing to settle for on my 18th birthday?”

Answer: I want to be married a little bit before my 18th birthday, so now I will need extra income. I want to have a successful “king” business. I will want to have tested my salesmanship, maybe have tried out a few jobs that I like and have looked into it. By this age I will want to be looking into a house to buy within the next two years. So by age 20 I want to have made a downpayment on a house and be living in that house. At 18, I want to be finished with high school, and have CLEP’ed out of two years of college. Two years later I want to have a Mechanical Engineering degree. The degree would give my more business opportunities. Now this is a long shot, but its a shot I am willing to take. There will have to be a lot of effort going into this goal, as well as preparations. This is also when I want to start a craft beer brewery, the chance of failure in the brewery business is almost zero with a very good chance of becoming really successful, and it would be fun.



3rd Question “What am I willing to settle for at age 25?”

Answer: 2026, four years before 2030, so it would be nice if I had two successful businesses at age 25, we’ll see. Not much in new goals, but rather working on making progress in my previous goals; family, business #1, house payment, business #2.



4th Question“What must I do to raise this estimate every year?”

Answer: First I’ll start by saying that I would like to increase my income by $500 per/year. So at the end of every year I will be making $500 extra dollars per “paycheck.” Now there are a lot of ways to accomplish this, and I am going to figure out the best way to do this. I would be willing to settle $350 increase, at least for a little while, but I definitely want it up to $500 by age 25. Then after that I want to get it to grow higher every year. Having an independent business is quite an accomplishment, so by age 70 I want a business that independently makes me $1000 every day. I have worked this all out and I think I might even be able to do it before 70, but 70 is what I am willing to settle for.


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