Useful Skills…Acquired

English L65 Essay

In the time of Booker T. Washington, higher education was considered an elite program. Many people lived labor intense lifestyles, and the few people who pursued a higher education escaped from this huge circle. As a result, most people viewed those with higher educations as an elite group in society.

Washington believed that education that was based on Latin, Greek, English…etc, was almost useless to black students. Instead Washington education technique focused on practical skills. He did not shun these other subjects, but rather deemed them not useful until some kind of practical skill was acquired.

Washington’s purpose in creating a curriculum specifically with the blacks in mind, was not to prove that blacks could be better then whites. On the contrary, he just wanted black children to be able to learn the skills they need to become successful in life. He wanted them to embrace labor, and with a higher education they could better equip themselves to be more successful in the work force.





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