The Sinking of a Great Beast

The Greatest Sacrifice

As the great ship sank to Davy Jones

A call would rise in mankinds bones

Amidst the tumult heroes would rise

Though it meant their certain demise

Husbands clutched wives in final hour

And gave their lives for loves sweet power

The men must die that others live

A mighty gift they were willing to give

To be a man they must die

And leave all to say goodbye

They put their faith before their pride

And this is why those mighty men died

In that hour of foul despair

A Christian man gave his care

To comfort those who rose in panic

Aboard the mighty R.M.S. Titanic

One thing the night will never take

Resolve of men that shall not break

Yes the mission was very clear

Let go of those you hold most dear

The waters rose and it took hearts with it

So in those depths a firm bond was knit

The souls of man would forever bind

To give their all for womankind

As the freezing water gripped mens knees

They no longer could swim and began to freeze

Yes even though their situation dire

The heart of man was ablaze with fire

They drew their very last and final breath

To sink into the sea’s great depth

Thinking only of their sweet King

To whom they would now forever sing


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