Think Before Doing

Business L85 Essay

The greatest salesman’s book might be Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. In this book (although considered by most as a book about human relations) was written primarily for salesmen to become better sellers. In light of this, the techniques presented in this book are very useful in every interaction you have with other people.

The ability to avoid contradicting and criticizing others as well as not complaining, are just some of the core messages in Carnegie’s book. Because this goes against human nature, it makes the book so unique, and if adhered to….effective. It’s so much easier to find faults to criticize than it is to find things to praise.When we as human beings see something we perceive as wrong, we are inclined to immediately criticize it. If instead we employ kinder techniques, such as those recommended by Carnegie, we are much more likely to achieve cooperation and friendship.

I want to be able to do all these things myself. I won’t be able to do this unless I work at it….hard. I’ve tried to change how I do that, but it’s really difficult to change from a habit of condemning into one of praising. I plan on performing Carnegie’s advice by thinking before I speak or act, and whenever I am about to criticize someone, instead I will try to think up a less confrontational way to convince the other person. In general, I will venture to place myself in the other person’s shoes and try to think of what I would want me to say.


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