Things I Can Do To Now Guarantee My Employment in 2030

Business L15 Essay

With the steady increase of technological machinery, more and more simple jobs that a man could do, a machine can now do as well. Now I don’t think this a bad thing, not at all, this is something that can greatly increase production, which in turn increases income. So the question is, ” How can I guarantee my employment in 2030″ and the answer is, don’t be an employee, be the employer. Be the guy who owns the robot that replaces the man, so now you don’t have to pay that guy, because machines work for free. Now yes they can break down, but come on how often will that happen if you made a good choice of which robot you bought. Be an entrepreneur, own the business, build capital, save money, avoid taxes. Before I started RPC, I was reading a lot of Rich Dad Poor Dad, and after reading quite a few of his books I started my own business. Just a little thing that I ran after I was finished with my daily school. I called it “BinBoy Services” and what I did was run a garbage and yard-work handy-man service for the summer. I made roughly $700 in a two month period, it was fun and I made some capital. But now as I get older I have to start thinking bigger. What are better ways to be financially independent. Having a business or businesses that will run without you having to be there working. Where you could sit on the couch all day, (after your business becomes financially independent), and make money. I would never do though, EVER. I would still work all the time. What better way when you start a financially independent business then to start another one. Now for someone like me to become financially independent I think one of the best things to do would be to start a home business,  run a business where I can build capital and put it into a savings account, and when I have enough, invest it. One of the things that I would do would is be a real-estate investor. So buying houses when the stock market is low, and selling them when it is high. Or buying houses that are in foreclosure, fixing them up and either renting them out or selling them for more then I bought them for. Now this is just one of the thing that I would do, and I only would do it if I had enough capital, so I would start with something smaller. I would also try something that requires communication between buyer and seller, so like a salesman, and hey I already now what the #1 task of a salesman is so it shouldn’t be that much more difficult, right. In 2030, I will be 29 years old so…Lord willing I will be married and have had a few kids. I would need to be making quite a bit of income, I already know what kind of job I want, and what the Lord is calling me to be, so now the only thing left to do with regards to a job would be to figure out the details and get started. I would be living close to where my family lives so in the beginning I could have some help if need be. All in all I want to be financially independent by 2030, making more money by my independent businesses alone then I have to spend for everything else, mortgage, food, insurance etc… (so regular expenses).


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  1. I read quite a few of your essays, just wanted to say they are very easy to read, and vey inspiring. I look forward to more.

  2. Hey other RPC students! I just wanted to let you know that I don’t think that jobs will decrease as technology increases. I think that with the increase of robotics in the work force there will be a new demand for labor in other areas. Like fixing the robots. Think of computers and how many things they does for us. Well, with the increase of computer technology there has been in increase of job slots for people with the skill to speak techese. Jobs will not decrease, or increase, they will stay the same. The only thing that will change is which area will there be a higher demand for work in? I will ask Mr. North what he thinks. So what do you guys think after you have heard it from another point of view? ~KT

  3. Hello Korbin, this is Justice’s mom. I was just wondering how you are liking the Business I class? I am contemplating it, but would like to hear from a few students before committing to it. Do you feel like you are getting a lot out of it? Or just a little? Any specific thoughts for me? I’d appreciate your feedback!

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