The #1 Task of a Salesman

Business L10 Essay

The #1 task of a Salesmans is to find out what the buyer wants and to help him accomplish it. Offer him a solution to his problem by presenting your product, don’t promise anything that the product cannot deliver, he should know exactly what your product has to offer. You must discover if you have something to sell him. The buyer is already motivated, so you can help him by getting him to talk about this, everyone has different motivations, and you need to know what his is. You can never motivate someone,so you need to ask them what motivates him. Summarize what he just told you and repeat it back to him, so that you can affirm what he wants. Verbally discuss ways to get him what he wants, by asking questions. This relaxes him, because he knows you want to help him. Present your case for him to buy, and show him what steps he needs to accomplish this. The customer always has authority because money is the most marketable commodity, and he has all the money. The customer evaluates value subjectively, then he imputes that value to you. He decides what to buy, and buying imposes sanctions; do you gain profit or loss? Ask if you can complete the transaction, if you get a no then you did not get his motivations clear. Yes, means that you have properly presented your product as a way to solve his problem. He might be afraid he over looked something, so ask him how much time does he need, send a confirmation, and always follow up after the sale.


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