Surrounded by Notes

Note-Taking Tips 101

What must you do to take better notes about what is going on around you? You must be sure to write your notes down coherently. In the heat of the moment it would be best to remind yourself of the occasions using simple words like: David Joke Three Legged Man. This is so you can read your notes later and describe the event with more detail. Using other things around you to describe what you feel at the time would also help you in your note-taking.

Catching Up to Date

You must show how people lived and what they thought. That goes for what your particular life is like, how it would be different from others. This includes the social and religious events in your or others life. You must include this about yourself  if you want to successfully write about a certain person or peoples. You also want others to know what you or others did to prevent or stop any specific problems that might have arisen for any reason.

In the Future From the Past

If your autobiography were to be read fifty to seventy years from now, how would someone reading it be able to understand how life was lived back then? Autobiographies are an excellent way to show others, years from now, what the era you were living was like. How did people live, how much did they have, what did they do each day? Not only this, but personal comments on ancient life, allowed others to relate the the people of history, making history more personal.

Flavor it Up

To make an autobiography interesting, you don’t really want to spend time on too much detail. Not everyone wants to read about the leaves and the birds every few paragraphs.. Sticking to the basic story and getting it across, will make readers  have an important feel for your story. If you spend a ridiculous amount of time writing about frivolous events or ideas, your reader will get the impression that you are not “down to earth.”

A Sympathetic Audience

Generating the sympathy of the reader is the same as choosing your targeted audience. Pulling the reader into the story will not only keep your reader interested, but also make a connection between you and them. That is why its important to know who your audience is. Characterize your story so that your story is very personal. This is how to write an interesting autobiography that will let others know of your accomplishments as well as your failures.


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