St. Patricks Beliefs on God and the World

Saint Patrick was a a very humble man. He sacrificed many personal benefits in order to bring the gospel to a heathen nation. It saddens me when St. Patricks Day roles around and people are oblivious to the sacrifices that he made. If they knew they what he did they would respect the holiday with reverence instead of all the “wear green, drink Guinness” stuff that people care about. If they stopped to think about it they might see a little better the little things that people can do make a difference.

Patrick was a man who followed his calling, he obeyed God, and because of it he changed the lives of millions. How many people who because of there personal sacrifices have converted a heathen nation to christianity? Not very many, right? I don’t know about you but I want to be remembered for my faith. Patrick went back to Ireland after he escaped because he had faith in the Gospel and God’s promises. Patrick was a gift from God to the people of Ireland to tell them about an even bigger gift, Jesus Christ!

Patrick was beat, imprisoned, and mocked by the people in Ireland. But that didn’t stop him, he feared what God would do to his soul if he disobeyed Him, more then he feared what man could do to his body. He had tremendous faith in God. And people will remember him for it.





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