Some Things About Me

Hi! My name is Korbin Graham and I live on an island off the rocky coast of Washington. I am 15 years old and I love Star Wars and The Denver Broncos, my favorite player is Von Miller #58! I also love camo, hunting, camping, skiing, singing, piano, banjo, and bowling.I love to read theology and science fiction, and listen to Mumford & Sons. I love my Great Dane named Savory. And I am an accomplished pianist, participating in a few competitions. I now play banjo, and I am greatly enjoying it. My dad flies jets for the Navy, and my mom is a photographer. I have 6 sisters and one younger brother, and being the second oldest there is always stuff to do. I love making jokes, which I got from my dad. And oh and I almost forgot…I love to write.

My younger sisters blog is:

And my older sisters is:


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