English L115 Essay

Let me start off by saying that whilst I am talking about the American slavery before the Civil War, and how it was morally evil. I know for a fact that there is however, a just form of slavery that God permits. In God’s eyes, if you owed a person money, you were their “slave” until you could pay off your debt. But, if a “master” physical harmed his slave, his slave was free to leave. Now in some cases men would chose to stay a slave to the person the owed after they had paid off the debt. The reason for this is because being a slave offered protection to a person, and lots of people want protection, wether it be financial or physical.

John Thompson could not persuade me more of the evil of the the American Slave System. Man’s selfish desire to be “god” put him a spot where he will grab power whenever he can. In the early 1800, the best way to have power was to have money. Now in those days, men exercised their “power” by buying slaves against their will, to do their work for them.  You get this system when men have a faulty view of God, man, sin, and well……everything.

Thompson paints a very clear image of how cruel slavery in the South was. Slaves being whipped often and at times for no reason at all. In a biblical system, any slave who was mistreated was free to leave, thus resulting in the loss of a slave to a master. Many plantation owners had daily whippings just to keep the slaves in a state of humble submission. Slaves who were constantly beaten eventually committed suicide, because they would rather die then endure merciless treatment.

Justice inside most of the plantations was the word of the slave over the word of the Overseer. Thus the slave was always punished, and sometimes killed in their beatings. Some of these slaves may have been innocent of whatever they were accused of, but it didn’t matter because they couldn’t prove it. What is interesting to me is the fact that slaves were huge assets, and to disposing of them so lightly was a great waste of money.

Thompson gives so many horrifying examples of the mistreatment of slaves. Now this does not mean that all masters were cruel, or that all slaves hated their masters. There were many kind masters who didn’t really have slaves at all, their slaves worked for them because of the protection it offered. They loved their masters, and were more-or-less, their employees.  Thompson believed that God would pour his wrath on this “Guilty Nation”. I think that God did judge the evil men of that time, just like he is judging the men of today. But I don’t think it will happen the way that Thompson wants it to happen. Which he conveys be they way he spoke against it.


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