Star Wars: The Force Awakens -Review

I’m here today to talk about the new Star Wars, directed by J. J. Abrams, that’s all the rage right now. First I’m going to talk about some basic Star Wars universe worldview. Then I’m going to move into discussing some of the new characters, breaking them down, and determining if they show some good, moral character qualities.  I will just be stating the obvious, in the Star Wars universe there is one reality consisting of one substance, principle, and basic element. An irrational, mystical Eastern monistic, humanistic, and monotheistic energy, called the “force.” The force is a balanced mystical reality, equal good coexisting with equal evil, but that is not necessarily what we find. Through out Star Wars, the light is supposed to rule the dark, which contradicts this “balance.”  Yes, the light should absolutely rule the dark. Or rather shine on it, exposing it, taking it out of the shadows to confront it head on. But as we think about this there is something we should take into account, you can never destroy the dark, or the light, because one can not exist without the other.

Some good things about Star Wars; every person, but mostly singling out the Jedi, is at war within themselves, fighting the dark inside of them. The Sith are the fallen Jedi who succumbed to the dark side, they are dark force wielders, rejecting the light. Any Sith can turn from evil, and redeem themselves to the light, just like any Jedi- who use the force for good- can fall into the dark. This reflects on an ethical monotheistic theology, but since there is no divine power that compels you to do so, it’s humanistic. So now all at once, the force is a personal existence, a battle that is fought inside you, and an impersonal monism, where its Jedi battling Sith, over all it’s promoting a New Age pagan worldview. We, as Christians have a different “force,” a far more personal divine being – Jesus Christ. Who gives us a very real, divine power: the Holy Spirit! That makes us actual Jedi, with a very powerful lightsaber, the word of God.

Now that thats covered, lets get into some characters, to analyze them, and based on what we come up with, well see if they support a biblical character who honers God, or if they have selfish desires only thinking about themselves.

     Rey is a human female, a scavenger on an isolated world. Who has a false hope that her family will come back and rescue her from her isolation. She is a very capable person, who could easily take care of her self, but she doesn’t appear to aim at being independent from others. People can see her as being feminine, or childish. She is also a very resourceful and frugal girl, making the best use of the very little she has. In the beginning she is very naive and uncertain about her force abilities, but as she learns more about her talent, she shows some remarkable potential to be a the next “Luke Skywalker”. Over all she is a good character, and is a great addition the the Star Wars universe.

Previously stormtrooper FN-2187, Finn escapes the First Order after realizing the evil of their ways. He didn’t want to join the Resistance in their fight against the First Order, but instead he became unsure of himself, and  he ran and hid. He no longer knows what he is fighting for, and tricks Rey into helping him leave. He does come back before the big fight when the First Order destroys the New Rebublic, either because he has feelings for Rey or because  he sees that we shouldn’t run from evil but rather fight it, it could be taken both ways. Even though a bit of a coward, and kinda like a new Han Solo, he shows some future potential as a character.

Kylo Ren at first seems like a powerful Sith, but turns out to be a very insecure boy, who has an extreme lack of self-control. He is a very irrational, unsound, and unrestrained villain. As Darth Vader’s grandson, he idolizes his grandfather, wanting to be like him. Kylo knows that he is a worker of the evil dark side, so he openly rejects the light, thinking the dark is more powerful. Which is true, in the sense that the dark side is selfish, and the people who use it use it for their own desire. Where as the light is selfless, looking only to the needs of others. The dark is the easy path, the light requires self-government, discipline, and responsibility to restrain the dark, which Kylo has little of. To prove his worth; that he is strong enough to start his training as a true Sith, he kills his own father, Han Solo. For a bad guy, who isn’t nearly as scary as Vader, he makes a lame villain. His training is going to be advanced, so I guess we’ll see if he improves.

There is a bonus, despite the title, Star Wars: The Force Awakens doesn’t emphasize the force as New Age paganism as mush as the previous films. Being more of a superpower then what I had said earlier.  But its still in there! and we should be cautious as we enjoy Star Wars, and be ready to identify the monism, and humanistic monotheism. The plot line, character choices, lines, and general movie graphics where awesome. Well done J. J. Abrams and crew on at least the cast.


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