Making More Money with the Money you Already Made

Business L65 Essay

To start a business you need whats called a “Start-up Cost.” This is the cost needed to get the business up and running. The more money you have to start your business, the faster you will be able to meet demand, and the more successful you business will be. Now if you start a business today, in 30 years (if all goes well), you will probably have generated quite a bit of income. So keeping in mind what I said earlier, if you sold your business you would acquire a decent sized chunk of capital. Now what? What do you do with a bunch of money now that you don’t have a business to spend it on? I’ll tell you what I would do, I would take the money that I made from selling the business and I would use it to start the exact same kind of business that I just got done selling. This allows me to have a huge start up cost, which would then allow my new-but-the-same business to become even more successful and far quicker then my first business ever did. There is also the option of just staring a new business entirely, but the way I see it is if you love what you do, and you know how to do, and you now how to do it well. Then why jump into an entirely new bowl where you will have to start with ground zero knowledge and experience. Just an idea.


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