Kourdakov’s Use of Contrasts to Strengthen His Narratives

English L35 Essay

Many times through out history there is a contrast of worldviews when nonbelievers come in contact with believers. When nonbelievers see believers resisting persecution against overwhelming odds, and in some cases, death in the most fowl ways imaginable. They cannot explain christians devotion to their religion, they don’t know why someone would go to a prayer meeting willing knowing they could be beat, raped, and even killed. It doesn’t make any sense to them, and it doesn’t make any sense to Kourdakov. He sees these people first hand, he beats these people first, and he doesn’t now why they do it. The one girl went to the prayer meeting 3 times, 2 times being beat severely. This baffled Kourdakov and Victor. Kourdakov’s presupposition give meaning to his entire existence,  communism gives meaning to Kourdakov’s entire world, his entire existence. Kourdakov is trying to find meaning in man, and believers opposing philosophical ideologies contrasts his view of communism. Kourdakov has two philosophies staring each other down, one he knows well, and one he doesn’t understand. Believers depend on something greater then themselves, their goal is to change the world, even under oppression. Kourdakov thinks that Communism want to make the world a better place, where everyone is equal. But we know that the leading Communists are just using the system to get ahead. Kourdakov sees communism goals, and is told by his superiors that believer want to over through Communism, they make believers a threat to society. When believers work, things change, the communist leaders know this, they know that if the believers start talking then people will start to listen. When the people start to listen they’re going to start believing, and when you have a bunch of christians in a communistic government, they’re going to change the government. Then with the change of government, all the communist leaders who used the system to get wealthy, lose their wealth. Thats why they persecute christians, they love their wealth so much that they are willing to kill people for it. When Kourdakov finds out that the communist leaders are using communism for personal benefits, tricking the people into basically handing over their rights and property. He doesn’t revolt, he sees an opportunity open right up for him to take, he grabs communism, and he says that he will make the goals of the corrupt leaders, his goals. Kourdakov is a finite (limited) being, and he is attempting to interpret reality independent from God, but he cannot make absolute statements concerning ultimate reality. In the end he assumes that communism will be his savior, and now every little thing that comes into his mind he will use to climb the ladder of communism. His mind, influenced by the condition of his heart (communism), is the standard for which he views reality, but his heart is deceiving him. Communists serve themselves, may they repent of their sins and turn to Christ Jesus, the only Savior.




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