Joyner’s Irresistible Offer

Business L110 Essay

The three aspects for a good advertisement Joyner stressed in his book, The Irresistible Offer, was:
1) A high return on investment for the buyer.
2) The information of the product, i.e. “it’s price.”
3) The buyers benefit.
In all of these he made clear that what you put in your ad needs to have great sense of believability. Your possible buyer needs to believe everything you say. If your advertisement is composed of these three parts, your advertisement according to Joyner, has become “irresistible.”  Lets now look at some advertisements and determine which one captured us the most as irresistible.



This ad failed in two of the three aspects that make a good ad. It failed to show you where you can purchase the product, how much the product costs, and what benefits it brings back to the buyer. This ad did not meet Joyner’s standard for a good ad.

This ad presents a great return on the investment to the buyer. The buyer gets a fantastic education center, video game arcade, and information retrieval. The ad tells the buyer what the product will cost them, which was very affordable to the buying audience. The ad made great efforts to emphasize that it’s in color, the ad is comparing themselves to other companies, and showing you that you will receive more benefits if you buy Radio Shack’s product then others at the time. The ad also gives you a great and easy way to order it the product.  This ad is better then the M&M ad, but it isn’t the most compelling of the four.


This commercial shows you a problem, a problem that you might have, and offers you a way to fix that problem. The ad gives you the technical specifications of the PC5, that it runs the same program that the home computers run on, while still being able to run larger more complex programs. This ad gives you a fantastic return on your investment. It says that if you buy the production, you will save $1000. As my dad always said, “Spend money to save money.”  The only downside to this ad is it says to contact your local Commodore dealer to take advantage of this offer, not specifically stating were you can get this discount.

This ad is terrible, all it does is tell you that you can now spend money that you don’t actually have. Not to mention that it tells you nothing about where you can buy the product, what ROI it will give you, or how much it cost to use the credit.

Of the four ads, the Commodore IBM PC commercial followed the guidelines for an irresistible offer the best. The TRS-80 Radio Shack was also good, but it didn’t meet all of the standards. You would be a fool to pass up the PC, and that is what makes this product, “irresistible. ”


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