Increasing Productivity.

Business L60 Essay

I can reallocate my time in many different ways. One area would be to manage my entertainment regiment better. I tend to spend a little bit to much time reading “twaddle” (my families way of saying “novel”) in my free time. I could instead use this free time to study for CLEP exams, as well as working on making my business better. This would benefit me in many different ways, some in the near future, but mostly when I’ll look back as an old man and congratulate myself for not waisting to much time. Another area I could reallocate my time is in my mornings. Because I am homeschooled, I’m not really bound by any start time for my schoolwork. This being the case, I tend to spend a lot of time just lounging around before I start my schoolwork. If I were a little bit more concise with making and eating breakfast, I could open up more time to do my schoolwork.  I live on a small farm, so I have many responsibilities that need getting done in the mornings, and if when I finished those chores I immediately started school I would finish my school much earlier in the day. This would give me more time after I finish my schoolwork- during the afternoon- for productive uses like piano and banjo. Time is precious and should be handled wisely, especially because the days are evil.


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