Shoe Tying Lessons at a Local Restaurant

One night at a local restaurant, as a awaited my drink I noticed a rather peculiar looking chap sitting at the next table across from me. The man was staring at his shoes with a depressing face. So I leaned over and took a look at his shoes, curious as to why he was glaring at them. I could find nothing wrong with them, except for the fact that they where untied. I leaned back, for my drink had arrived, as I took a long drink the thought hit me that that the man must not know how to tie his shoes, for as he stood up to leave, he took one step and completely fell over onto the table next to him, and broke it in half!

Once the fellow was back on his feet, I decided to help him tie his shoes. I don’t know why I did it, I just felt that the man needed a friend who would help him through anything, no matter how stupid, or simple. I took him outside, asked him what his name was. Jeff he said, I told him my name was Korbin, and that I wanted to show him how to tie his shoes. “Alright’ I said, ‘first you want to grab both laces, yeah, like that. Then you take one of them cross  it with the other one, like this. Take it and tuck it under and through, and pull tight. Now this is when it gets exciting! Okay, so take one of the laces and  make a loop. Yes! Then take the lace thats not a loop and wrap it around the loop. Take it by the middle and tuck it not through the loop, but through the gap that you made wrapping it around the loop. Pull both the loops that you have made, keeping the ends of the loops from pulling out. Pull the ends a little then pull the loop tight again. Great job!”

The man was so happy that he jumped with joy! Then he triped on his other untied shoe, landing flat on his face! “Better tie that one,” I said “Or you might break your neck!” He leaned over and tied his other shoe pretty well, for a first timer.” He thanked me, and offered to buy me my next drink. I told him that a favor is just that, a favor. And that no cost was necessary. I left the restaurant that day, with a smile on my face, and a skip in my step! I never saw Jeff again, but I am sure that he has his shoes tied on tight!



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