How to Build a Learning Tower


Here’s my little sister using her new Learning Tower.  Love you!


I know the video says $15, but we actually bought the stool from Amazon.  Here is where we got it from:


Hope you enjoyed my video!


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14 Replies to “How to Build a Learning Tower”

  1. I also used to do a bit of woodwork, I am now more into building things like go karts and scoooters and other things like that. Great job on the stool, I never thought of something like that, my little sisters used to be constantly falling off of whatever they were sitting on, one of these would be very neat!
    How much property do you have? We also live in Washington, we have 5 acres, most of which is alfalfa fields.

  2. Square dancing?? what do you mean by “woods fun”?
    I LOVE playing outside games! but I have been growing to fast for my bones, so my knees hurt a bit when I run very much.
    How far from the beach do you live?

  3. No not square dancing…..we do English Country, Old English, Country Swing, and a couple others. We live really close to the ocean, but we don’t have waterfront access. 🙁 There is a lake though, but I don’t think we will go there for the BBQ. Is your email the same one that I sent the evite too?

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