How Much Money Will I Never Earn if I Keep Watching TV?

Business L30 Essay

At age 30 I can make $122,402.01 with my business. Now I am lowballing this, but thats still quite a nice little hunk of greenies. By age 70 I can have $14,037,600.47 {cough cough cough!!!} this is still lowballing it. I could probably make more then that which would be awesome! Even though this is based on a business that I would start at age 20 (I would start one way earlier) its still an opportunity I don’t want to miss out on. When I first tried the interest calculator back in lesson 23 I over guessed my hours and nearly killed myself with how much money I could make. I’am going to start a business but the question is “doing what?”  I’ll have to keep thinking on this, but for now I just want to turn time into money. And a business is the best way to get that done.


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