God & Government

In most people’s minds today, the word government means the state and/or the federal government. However, this idea is incorrect and should be rejected as a faulty view of all governments.  With the rise of control in the 3 branches of civil government: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial, more and more freedom is being lost in the name of equal rights. Ironic? I think not.  Like most governments, they operate like a well-oiled machine. Continue reading “God & Government”

The Life of Knox

Catholic to Protestant

John Knox was ordained in the Catholic church sometime between 1530 and 1540. He first publicly professed the Protestant faith in 1545. The immediate instrument of his actual conversion was probably George Wishart, who, after a period of banishment, returned to his native country in 1544, to perish, within two years, at the stake, as the last and most illustrious of the victims of Cardinal Beaton. Continue reading “The Life of Knox”

Behavior Reflects on the Heart

God’s Word

As we begin to discuss this topic let us remember that God’s Word is the foundation for all life. God’s Word is a sword, it’s a weapon, not a band-aid. God’s Word is powerful, it teaches us how we should fear God, and love others. If we have been born again in Jesus, then we should strive to obey Him. If we truly fear Him, then it will present itself in our lives.

Two Kinds of People

There are two kinds of people in this world, those who fear God, and those who love themselves. These two kinds of people both act in such a way so as to reflect what they believe.  Behavior is determined by the heart, a Christians’s entire belief is based on faith in Christ, which takes place in the heart . The fruit of their life should reflect the hope that is in them. Unbeliever’s behavior is based on their own personal interests. And therefore their behavior reflects on this and they have bad fruit.

Relative to the Little Ones

Children are no different, a child’s behavior reflects on their heart. Children are prone to behave selfishly, they were born in sin and thus act accordingly. What I am saying is that a child’s behavior is not the problem. A child’s behavior does not spring forth uncaused, it is noticed because it irritates and thus draws attention to itself. However, the real issue is the heart, a child’s behavior is determined by his heart. So if his heart is with the Lord then his actions will be determined accordingly.

The Blessings of Honor

Let’s take into account the commandment given by God requiring the honoring of ones parents. A child who fears the Lord will hope and strive to honor this commandment. This child will honor his parents because he desires to honor God. God promises many blessings to the one who honors this commandment, and even though none of us can ever hope to do this even a little bit, we pray that God looks at our heart and sees that we desire to do so, and bless us for it. Now a child that has rejected God’s commandments, will be cast off, because he did not honor God by honoring his parents. Let us strive, hope, and pray that we can always honor our parents, and thus honor God in His commandment to us.

The Fear of the Lord

A child who loves the Lord will act with love towards others, he will have others best interests at heart, and not his own. In the opposite, a child who does not have the fear of God in his life, will act selfishly, his only care in the world is his personal interests. In the light, a child who actually strives and longs to obey his God given parents, will be blessed by God. However, the child who doesn’t care, will be cursed. The center of all human behavior spring from the heart. The light of Christ should shine in those who love and fear Him. While others flee from that light, in their sin and wicked behavior. Christians stand firm in God’s Word, and their actions are that of love and kindness to all fellow men.






St. Patricks Beliefs on God and the World

Saint Patrick was a a very humble man. He sacrificed many personal benefits in order to bring the gospel to a heathen nation. It saddens me when St. Patricks Day roles around and people are oblivious to the sacrifices that he made. If they knew they what he did they would respect the holiday with reverence instead of all the “wear green, drink Guinness” stuff that people care about. If they stopped to think about it they might see a little better the little things that people can do make a difference.

Patrick was a man who followed his calling, he obeyed God, and because of it he changed the lives of millions. How many people who because of there personal sacrifices have converted a heathen nation to christianity? Not very many, right? I don’t know about you but I want to be remembered for my faith. Patrick went back to Ireland after he escaped because he had faith in the Gospel and God’s promises. Patrick was a gift from God to the people of Ireland to tell them about an even bigger gift, Jesus Christ!

Patrick was beat, imprisoned, and mocked by the people in Ireland. But that didn’t stop him, he feared what God would do to his soul if he disobeyed Him, more then he feared what man could do to his body. He had tremendous faith in God. And people will remember him for it.





Being Disciplined in Purity

This aspect of discipline has a lot to do with relationships. When we as men, keep our hearts, minds, eyes, and hands pure, we not only are protecting ourselves but also everyone we come in contact with. It doesn’t just end there, it will also effect our future families. When we corrupt ourselves, we destroy our future family completely, and ruin our current family’s name. Now, how do we avoid these kind of temptations? First We have to commit to change, and remove any direct ways to sin. Then we need someone to hold us accountable, someone who knows exactly what your going through, a guy who also struggles with the same things as you. Your father should be your first choice, but since many people aren’t blessed with this option I would go then to another man you know, who will help you. Then you need to pray about it, ask God to help you get through this, ask him to put his hand over you and help you when the times of temptations come. He will help you. After this you need to memorize Scripture, fill your heart with God’s holy Word. Not just the passages that deal with sensuality/sexuality, but all the passages, the whole thing, everything in the Scripture will help you become a disciplined man. Jesus was filled with Word of God, and it served him well on the mountain when he was tempted by Satan. Now on the mountain he wasn’t tempted with what we’re talking about, but tempted none the less. He rebuked Satan with Scripture, the Word of God is a powerful tool, and it was written for us, to help us on our walk of holiness. Next, it is necessary that we have a disciplined mind. Scripture presents its discipline as a discipline or the eyes. In Mark 9:47 Jesus says, “If your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out. It is better for you to enter the kingdom of God with one eye then two eyes to be thrown into hell.” To have a disciplined mind we need to have pure eyes. Job, in Job 31:1 says,” I have made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully at a woman.” The covenant forbids a second look, but to treat all women with dignity. Then, put rules for yourself, if you know where temptations lie, put a barrier before it and never go close to it, ever. Then, be real about your sin, know that its there, and that you struggle with it. Finally, have a constance awareness for when the temptations might pop up any second of any day. In order not to succumb, and be part of those sins we need to be disciplined, and aware. Are we strong enough, man enough, disciplined enough,are we men of God? I pray everyday that we are!


Disciplined Godly Men

There are many examples of disciplined godly men in history as well as the present day. Who because of their discipline accomplished great things. Take Geoffrey Botkin for example, he is one of the most disciplined men I have ever had the privilege of meeting. He accomplished and is still accomplishing great things for the Kingdom of Christ. We as Christians will never do anything for Christ or our families if we do not have self-discipline. Discipline is everything, with regards to everyday life and doubly with regards to our spiritual lives. Some people might have an innate advantage, but in general, without self-discipline we will never accomplish anything great. ~KT