God & Government

In most people’s minds today, the word government means the state and/or the federal government. However, this idea is incorrect and should be rejected as a faulty view of all governments.  With the rise of control in the 3 branches of civil government: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial, more and more freedom is being lost in the name of equal rights. Ironic? I think not.  Like most governments, they operate like a well-oiled machine. Continue reading “God & Government”

The Life of Knox

Catholic to Protestant

John Knox was ordained in the Catholic church sometime between 1530 and 1540. He first publicly professed the Protestant faith in 1545. The immediate instrument of his actual conversion was probably George Wishart, who, after a period of banishment, returned to his native country in 1544, to perish, within two years, at the stake, as the last and most illustrious of the victims of Cardinal Beaton. Continue reading “The Life of Knox”

Responses to Separation

English L120 Essay

For most of us, family is one of the most important things in our lives. Few of us want to think about how we would react if forcibly separated from our families. Unfortunately for many throughout history, this subconscious fear suddenly became a harsh reality. A quintessential example can be found in American slavery. One of the worst aspects of the slave system was that slave families could be separated at any time never to see one another again. Continue reading “Responses to Separation”

Surrounded by Notes

Note-Taking Tips 101

What must you do to take better notes about what is going on around you? You must be sure to write your notes down coherently. In the heat of the moment it would be best to remind yourself of the occasions using simple words like: David Joke Three Legged Man. This is so you can read your notes later and describe the event with more detail. Using other things around you to describe what you feel at the time would also help you in your note-taking. Continue reading “Surrounded by Notes”

AdWords Commercial

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How to Change a Life

English Lesson 160

Important Events

Fredrick Douglass expressed that the most important event in his early life was the experience of learning to read. Douglass says in his autobiography that learning to read was a major turning point in his life. Douglass attributes very positively that this was the best event that ever happened to him. Although he may have embellished the importance of education. There is no doubt that becoming literate played a vital role in Douglass’s life and eventually his circumvention from slavery.

The Story

The story behind all this started when Douglass was about seven or eight years old. He was transferred from a plantation in Talbot County to Baltimore. When he was at the new home Douglass, a black slave, saw something unique in his new mistress, a smile directed to him. The woman was empathetic to the young slave and began to teach him how to read. However, eventually the husband of the mistress found out and forbade her to teach him. For it was against the law to teach a slave to read. This was because a literate slave would be better able to understand their bondage. Encouraging them to make a stand for their own freedom. And this is why Douglass for the rest of his life never gave up on his search to find freedom.

My Own Anticipation

The story of this central event in Douglass’s life caused me to wonder, “Has any event in my life had the same impact as learning to read did in Douglass’s?” My answer would be the obvious fact to me of my confession of my depravity, and my faith and hope in the one true Savior. Aside from this, no event has really changed my life. However, I do know that the event of my marriage, or of my fatherhood, will make a huge impact on my my life. But, because these events have not taken place, I only pray and hope that these things do come to pass.

Literatures Importance

Literature can make a profound impact on the lives of any one person. It of course is not limited to just this fact, but that of many others. Literature has the power to change the world, for good or bad. The old saying is very applicable here, “The pen is mightier then the sword.” This literally means that those who possess the power of writing, have the potential to saturate those who come in contact with their works. Likewise, the person who has the power to comprehend literature, has the ability to lead others in the teachings. Most people might take the advantage of reading for granted. But the harsh truth is, that if most people could not read, then those who could would be in total control. So lets not take this advantage for our own personal interests. And instead, use it to make this world a better place.

English L160 Essay




A Week of Learning

Tips of Techniques

Since starting the Ron Paul Curriculum’s Business 1 course, I have learned an incredible amount of tips on starting and running a small business. Before I was introduced to the course I was reading many books and article on business. I did this to better equip myself with the subject because I have hopes of becoming a successful entrepreneur. The business course helped me take the information I knew and more and put it together like a huge puzzle.  Now, nearing the end of the Business 1 course, I have learned so much more then I thought I could from a course. Among other things, how to write and test advertising and how to run a digital advertising campaign. Both very helpful in advertising your business.

Powerful Skills

Probably the most powerful business skill I learned over the business course was how to write advertisements that sells. At the beginning of the year, I understood vaguely how advertisements should be presented. Now, I probably know more about advertising than I ever thought I would. The same is true for you, you could learn so much from the course.

Salt and Pepper

The difference between the knowledge presented at the beginning the course and at the end is like the difference between salt and pepper. You could possess a much greater business ability than you ever thought possible because of the incredible amount of techniques in each class. I am amazed at how much I have learned that I am confident in my ability to walk out right now and become a very successful businessman.

The Advantage

What does all this knowledge about business do for you? Lets say you finished this course and took all its advice. You could have the potential to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs to ever live. If you obey all the tips and tricks given in the course, you could get ahead of all your peers and become the CEO of a very large company that you had the honor of starting. This is a great advantage that you have at your finger tips, its just waiting for you to grab. It doesn’t matter what the business is, but if you know how to run it, then it will be successful.