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A Week of Learning

Tips of Techniques

Since starting the Ron Paul Curriculum’s Business 1 course, I have learned an incredible amount of tips on starting and running a small business. Before I was introduced to the course I was reading many books and article on business. I did this to better equip myself with the subject because I have hopes of becoming a successful entrepreneur. The business course helped me take the information I knew and more and put it together like a huge puzzle.  Now, nearing the end of the Business 1 course, I have learned so much more then I thought I could from a course. Among other things, how to write and test advertising and how to run a digital advertising campaign. Both very helpful in advertising your business.

Powerful Skills

Probably the most powerful business skill I learned over the business course was how to write advertisements that sells. At the beginning of the year, I understood vaguely how advertisements should be presented. Now, I probably know more about advertising than I ever thought I would. The same is true for you, you could learn so much from the course.

Salt and Pepper

The difference between the knowledge presented at the beginning the course and at the end is like the difference between salt and pepper. You could possess a much greater business ability than you ever thought possible because of the incredible amount of techniques in each class. I am amazed at how much I have learned that I am confident in my ability to walk out right now and become a very successful businessman.

The Advantage

What does all this knowledge about business do for you? Lets say you finished this course and took all its advice. You could have the potential to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs to ever live. If you obey all the tips and tricks given in the course, you could get ahead of all your peers and become the CEO of a very large company that you had the honor of starting. This is a great advantage that you have at your finger tips, its just waiting for you to grab. It doesn’t matter what the business is, but if you know how to run it, then it will be successful.






My 5 Reasons

Here are 5 reasons I have given to take the RPC course:

You will never have to worry about being supervised. Why not?

Because the teachers never pay attention.

You will never have to worry about getting a problem wrong. Why not?

Because the teachers and students never answer your dumb questions.

You will never have to worry about getting expelled. Why not?

Because the teachers don’t even know you exist. 

You will never have to worry about bad grades. Why not?

Because you are the top and bottom of your class.

You never have to worry about writing something like what your reading now. Why not?

Because the teachers will never read this.





Joyner’s Irresistible Offer

Business L110 Essay

The three aspects for a good advertisement Joyner stressed in his book, The Irresistible Offer, was:
1) A high return on investment for the buyer.
2) The information of the product, i.e. “it’s price.”
3) The buyers benefit.
In all of these he made clear that what you put in your ad needs to have great sense of believability. Your possible buyer needs to believe everything you say. If your advertisement is composed of these three parts, your advertisement according to Joyner, has become “irresistible.”  Lets now look at some advertisements and determine which one captured us the most as irresistible.



This ad failed in two of the three aspects that make a good ad. It failed to show you where you can purchase the product, how much the product costs, and what benefits it brings back to the buyer. This ad did not meet Joyner’s standard for a good ad.

This ad presents a great return on the investment to the buyer. The buyer gets a fantastic education center, video game arcade, and information retrieval. The ad tells the buyer what the product will cost them, which was very affordable to the buying audience. The ad made great efforts to emphasize that it’s in color, the ad is comparing themselves to other companies, and showing you that you will receive more benefits if you buy Radio Shack’s product then others at the time. The ad also gives you a great and easy way to order it the product.  This ad is better then the M&M ad, but it isn’t the most compelling of the four.


This commercial shows you a problem, a problem that you might have, and offers you a way to fix that problem. The ad gives you the technical specifications of the PC5, that it runs the same program that the home computers run on, while still being able to run larger more complex programs. This ad gives you a fantastic return on your investment. It says that if you buy the production, you will save $1000. As my dad always said, “Spend money to save money.”  The only downside to this ad is it says to contact your local Commodore dealer to take advantage of this offer, not specifically stating were you can get this discount.

This ad is terrible, all it does is tell you that you can now spend money that you don’t actually have. Not to mention that it tells you nothing about where you can buy the product, what ROI it will give you, or how much it cost to use the credit.

Of the four ads, the Commodore IBM PC commercial followed the guidelines for an irresistible offer the best. The TRS-80 Radio Shack was also good, but it didn’t meet all of the standards. You would be a fool to pass up the PC, and that is what makes this product, “irresistible. ”


A “C” for All…..”Socialism”

Business L100 Essay

“Would it be moral to grade exams, so that all students get C’s? If not, is it moral for the state to redistribute incomes?”

Many people today often support the idea of redistribution. A great example of this would be…you guessed it, Robin Hood. As the famous line goes, “Rob from the rich and give to the poor.” This is a perfect example of redistribution, stealing from those who have more and giving it to those who have less. This idea as a whole is taking others goods, and distributing it to people who don’t have as much, all in the name of equality and fairness. What those people don’t realize is that, the wealthy are wealthy because they’re smart and they work hard. For the sake of an example, if you take from the rich and give it to the poor, now  everyone has the same amount of wealth. The people who were previously wealthy once again use their work ethic and understanding of economics and there trains field, to be come wealthy again even though they won’t be as wealthy as they were before. In the same manner, the once poor become even more poor. Redistribution follows and now everyone is poor, and the once wealthy no long have the desire to become wealthy again, so everyone becomes poorer and poorer.

The same thing could be said for the grade systems, i.e….

Teacher: “Alright students, we no longer will be grading everyone individually, but instead everyone will be getting a “C.”

Students who get F-C’s (70% of the class): “Yay!”

Students who get B-A’s (30% of the class): “WHAT! That’s not fair!”

Teacher: “Yes it is, look at all these students who get to have higher grades. That seems pretty fair to me.”

Over the course of a few months, the hard working student who got B’s and A’s stop  trying to work hard at their school and are instead content with low grades. But the question, is this moral?

If you asked those students who felt cheated if giving everyone a “C” was moral, they would tell you no. Ask them if it would be moral to redistribute income and wealth, and most all of them would tell you that it would be perfectly fine and moral to do so. Why is this so? I believe this is because people fail of realize that the two above questions are essentially the same: is it moral for everyone to be made exactly equal? So that’s it, this is the question… “equality.” Is it moral to make everyone equal with a measure of force? Is everyone equal? No. Should everyone be equal? That depends on the definition of “equal.” Most people would answer yes everyone should be equal.  The fact is that they forget that not only is everyone superior to you in some way, but also that some people are born to follow, others are born to lead.

Now, back to Sherwood Forest, is what Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men did, moral? No, it is not. Equality, in the sense that everyone should have equal incomes, is a bad thing. The bible says to give a man the wages of his labor, the bible also says if you don’t work neither shall you eat. Therefore, a man becomes wealthy be his work ethic, he eats because of his work ethic. A diligent man will have more then a lazy man. Taking away from the diligent man and giving to the lazy man is wrong. We should receive what we work for, and we should eat because we work.



20 Long Years Flying By

Business L95 Essay

“The lifestyle I want 20 years from now”

I have thought long and hard on this subject, because it is so important for young and old men alike to have a vision and a goal for their lives. God has called men to take dominion over everything, but more importantly, to glorify God and enjoy him forever. With that in mind I have set my goals, and planned out my vision. Some might say that it’s pointless to have a vision for your life, because so many things could go wrong to wreck it. I believe that 100%, but I also know that everything that happens to you or me (no matter how good or bad), is done for Gods glory. I know that all good things come to those who love God, and those who are called according to His purpose. So really, all things that happen to me glorify God, and and because He is sovereign I know that it is the best thing for me. But that doesn’t mean I won’t plan at all, “A bad plan is better then no plan at all.” With all this said, here is what I hope to achieve in my life in the next twenty years…

I hope to be a Real Estate Investor, renting out houses both here in Washington, and also in Denver. I hope to be married and be a father of many. I want to have written a couple of theological books, and also be a song artist. This is the summary of want I want to have accomplished in twenty years.




Business L90 Essay

Having a part time job with a successful small business in which the owner who is a skilled entrepreneur and willing to teach his apprentice everything he knows, from how he succeeded, to how he failed, is very valuable. This is the one thing that would be preferable to starting a business at an early stage. Apprenticeship gives you the ability to learn valuable information which can help you start your own business. Owning a business is a lot more than just being good at what you do, and thats why it would be highly valuable for any one person to learn, one-to-one, with a person who has already succeeded…..(but most importantly) has already failed. You would have the opportunity to learn from someone else’s mistakes, this means that you don’t have to make those mistakes as well. If you don’t make the same mistakes as others, no matter how big or small, means that you can go farther then they did!

The ideal apprenticeship job is one in which you learn about a field of business, and learn it well. Learning how a business operates gives you a higher chance of success if you put in the effort, willingness, and joy. You’ll learn a valuable skill, you’ll deal with people and depending on the field, you might be able to do some jobs. I will want to find a place where someone is willing to take me under their wing and teach me all the things you need to know about owning and operating a successful business. Apprenticeship is important and a big key to success.

Its important that you love what you do, and tolerating what you do, because it could be the fine line between happiness and misery. We so easily settle in our lives for work that pays more and satisfies less. I will never be a person who lives to work, and I vow to enjoy and cherish the opportunities I am granted to be fulfilled; especially when it comes to my calling and career.

The whole point of an apprenticeship is to learn a trade from a master. I think that many people misunderstand apprenticeship. They think of it as something that was only done by people in the good old days. This causes individualism, individualism causes many of the currant problems in our day with young people. When young people are encouraged to be individual, they are being encouraged to detach themselves from their families and authority, which causes families to be full of individual people. Not people who are helping each other or contributing to the family. Instead, young people should be taught not to be individuals, but rather helpful members of a trustee family. This means that there would be many trustee families who love and help each other and others, which means that you will have a community that also helps one another. The requirement for a flawless apprenticeship opportunity should be a mentor who would willingly teach someone the skills of his trade, but especially “how” he started and maintained a successful business. Then you will have a community full of families, which are full of skillful, helpful, and contributing individual members, who have the same goal as everyone else around them.



Think Before Doing

Business L85 Essay

The greatest salesman’s book might be Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. In this book (although considered by most as a book about human relations) was written primarily for salesmen to become better sellers. In light of this, the techniques presented in this book are very useful in every interaction you have with other people.

The ability to avoid contradicting and criticizing others as well as not complaining, are just some of the core messages in Carnegie’s book. Because this goes against human nature, it makes the book so unique, and if adhered to….effective. It’s so much easier to find faults to criticize than it is to find things to praise.When we as human beings see something we perceive as wrong, we are inclined to immediately criticize it. If instead we employ kinder techniques, such as those recommended by Carnegie, we are much more likely to achieve cooperation and friendship.

I want to be able to do all these things myself. I won’t be able to do this unless I work at it….hard. I’ve tried to change how I do that, but it’s really difficult to change from a habit of condemning into one of praising. I plan on performing Carnegie’s advice by thinking before I speak or act, and whenever I am about to criticize someone, instead I will try to think up a less confrontational way to convince the other person. In general, I will venture to place myself in the other person’s shoes and try to think of what I would want me to say.


Dale Carnegie’s 30 Principles For How to Win Friends And Influence People

1. Don’t Criticize, Condemn or Complain
2. Give Honest, Sincere, Appreciation
3. Arouse In The Other Person An Eager Want
4. Become Genuinely Interested In Other People
5. Smile
6. Remember That A Person’s Name Is To That Person The Sweetest And Most Important Sound In Any Language
7. Be A Good Listener. Encourage Others To Talk About Themselves
8. Talk In Terms Of The Other Person’s Interests
9. Make The Other Person Feel Important – And Do It Sincerely
10. The Only Way To Get The Best Of An Argument Is To Avoid It
11. Show Respect For The Other Person’s Opinion. Never Say, “You’re Wrong.”
12. If You Are Wrong Admit It Quickly And Emphatically
13. Begin In A Friendly Manner
14. Get The Other Person Saying “Yes, Yes”
15. Let The Other Person Do A Great Deal Of The Talking
16. Let The Other Person Feel That The Idea Is His Or Hers
17. Try Honestly To See Things From The Other Person’s Point Of View
18. Be Sympathetic With The Other Person’s Ideas And Desires
19. Appeal To The Nobler Motives
20. Dramatize Your Ideas
21. Throw Down A Challenge
22. Begin With Praise And Honest Appreciation
23. Call Attention To People’s Mistakes Indirectly
24. Talk About Your Own Mistakes Before Criticizing The Other Person
25. Ask Questions Instead Of Giving Direct Orders
26. Let The Other Person Save Face
27. Praise The Slightest Improvement And Praise Every Improvement. Be “Hearty In Your Approbation And Lavish In Your Praise”.
28. Give The Other Person A Fine Reputation To Live Up To
29. Use Encouragement. Make The Fault Seem Easy To Correct
30. Make The Other Person Happy About Doing The Thing You Suggest