Benefits of Writing Your Story

English L90 Essay

“What are the benefits of writing your autobiography?”

Any writing project would probably increase my writing skills, but writing an autobiography and managing to keep it interesting would undoubtedly generate massive improvement in my writing ability. Anyone can tell their life story, but it takes great skill to formulate an interesting story. If I could achieve this, I would be well on my way to becoming an acceptable writer.

Also, if you become an important person, people will appreciate your autobiography. For no matter how good a biography can be it will never compare with an autobiography, for who can write about you better than yourself?

Writing an autobiography takes work and discipline to write. The easiest way to do it is to start early. Begin writing down certain events that have happened in your life soon after they happen. That basically means you will take notes of your life. You can just write a short note on how your day went and the important events that came about during it. That way, when you do start officially writing your autobiography, you will be able to recall that day due to the note that you wrote. An autobiography is well worth it.


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