Being Disciplined in Purity

This aspect of discipline has a lot to do with relationships. When we as men, keep our hearts, minds, eyes, and hands pure, we not only are protecting ourselves but also everyone we come in contact with. It doesn’t just end there, it will also effect our future families. When we corrupt ourselves, we destroy our future family completely, and ruin our current family’s name. Now, how do we avoid these kind of temptations? First We have to commit to change, and remove any direct ways to sin. Then we need someone to hold us accountable, someone who knows exactly what your going through, a guy who also struggles with the same things as you. Your father should be your first choice, but since many people aren’t blessed with this option I would go then to another man you know,¬†who will help you. Then you need to pray about it, ask God to help you get through this, ask him to put his hand over you and help you when the times of temptations come. He will help you. After this you need to memorize Scripture, fill your heart with God’s holy Word. Not just the passages that deal with sensuality/sexuality, but all the passages, the whole thing, everything in the Scripture will help you become a disciplined man. Jesus was filled with Word of God, and it served him well on the mountain when he was tempted by Satan. Now on the mountain he wasn’t tempted with what we’re talking about, but tempted none the less. He rebuked Satan with Scripture, the Word of God is a powerful tool, and it was written for us, to help us on our walk of holiness. Next, it is necessary that we have a disciplined mind. Scripture presents its discipline as a discipline or the eyes. In Mark 9:47 Jesus says, “If your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out. It is better for you to enter the kingdom of God with one eye then two eyes to be thrown into hell.” To have a disciplined mind we need to have pure eyes. Job, in Job 31:1 says,” I have made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully at a woman.” The covenant forbids a second look, but to treat all women with dignity. Then, put rules for yourself, if you know where temptations lie, put a barrier before it and never go close to it, ever. Then, be real about your sin, know that its there, and that you struggle with it. Finally, have a constance awareness for when the temptations might pop up any second of any day. In order not to succumb, and be part of those sins we need to be disciplined, and aware. Are we strong enough, man enough, disciplined enough,are we men of God? I pray everyday that we are!


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