Business L90 Essay

Having a part time job with a successful small business in which the owner who is a skilled entrepreneur and willing to teach his apprentice everything he knows, from how he succeeded, to how he failed, is very valuable. This is the one thing that would be preferable to starting a business at an early stage. Apprenticeship gives you the ability to learn valuable information which can help you start your own business. Owning a business is a lot more than just being good at what you do, and thats why it would be highly valuable for any one person to learn, one-to-one, with a person who has already succeeded…..(but most importantly) has already failed. You would have the opportunity to learn from someone else’s mistakes, this means that you don’t have to make those mistakes as well. If you don’t make the same mistakes as others, no matter how big or small, means that you can go farther then they did!

The ideal apprenticeship job is one in which you learn about a field of business, and learn it well. Learning how a business operates gives you a higher chance of success if you put in the effort, willingness, and joy. You’ll learn a valuable skill, you’ll deal with people and depending on the field, you might be able to do some jobs. I will want to find a place where someone is willing to take me under their wing and teach me all the things you need to know about owning and operating a successful business. Apprenticeship is important and a big key to success.

Its important that you love what you do, and tolerating what you do, because it could be the fine line between happiness and misery. We so easily settle in our lives for work that pays more and satisfies less. I will never be a person who lives to work, and I vow to enjoy and cherish the opportunities I am granted to be fulfilled; especially when it comes to my calling and career.

The whole point of an apprenticeship is to learn a trade from a master. I think that many people misunderstand apprenticeship. They think of it as something that was only done by people in the good old days. This causes individualism, individualism causes many of the currant problems in our day with young people. When young people are encouraged to be individual, they are being encouraged to detach themselves from their families and authority, which causes families to be full of individual people. Not people who are helping each other or contributing to the family. Instead, young people should be taught not to be individuals, but rather helpful members of a trustee family. This means that there would be many trustee families who love and help each other and others, which means that you will have a community that also helps one another. The requirement for a flawless apprenticeship opportunity should be a mentor who would willingly teach someone the skills of his trade, but especially “how” he started and maintained a successful business. Then you will have a community full of families, which are full of skillful, helpful, and contributing individual members, who have the same goal as everyone else around them.



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