An Abridged version of my Family’s 3.5 Week Long Road Trip

This a small record of the road trip that two families journey on together to attend two conferences on the other side of the country.

On the 19th of October, my family and I left home in a hurry, eager to get out of the house. We drove about two hours to our friends the S.’s house in Duvall, WA. Our friends I will leave un-named. We stayed the whole day, and the next, so we would have plenty of time to prepare the 32ft motor home, that would take our families, (16 persons) across the country. We all left on Wednesday the 21, around 8pm, We didn’t want to drive for to long, so we only drove 78ml to Cle Elum. We left the RV park in Cle Elum before sunrise, drove all day and stayed the night in Missoula, MT, which is about a 395ml drive. We stayed the next night in Casper, WY, 620ml away. The next day we drove 269ml to Broomfield, CO, to have lunch at my grandparents house. Then we said our goodbyes and drove 70ml to Elizabeth, Co, to stay the night at a friends house. Sunday morning came to soon, and we found ourselves dressed in our Sunday best going to the same church that Kevin Swanson is a Pastor at. After the service, we went over to the Swanson’s house for lunch. We sadly had to leave, and stayed the night in a RV park near by. In the morning we got on the road ant started heading East once again.

We drove 556ml to Kansas City, MO, we tucked in for the night. 199ml away we found are selves visiting Bluff Dwellers Cavern, in Noel, MO. It was amazing there, and we loved our guide, who did a wonderful job of showing us around the cavern. The same day we celebrated my littles brothers birthday 543ml away at Circus World, near Nashville, TN.  Ridgecrest Conference Center, 310ml away, near Asheville, NC, was where we attended the 2015 NCFIC annual conference. The topic was The Highway of Holiness, where many speakers spoke about the Holiness of God, and how it was a Christians duty to also be holy as God is Holy. Four days later we packed up the motor home and traveled 389ml to Greendale, IN. The next morning, we met are good friends the M.s at the Creation Museum, where we had hours of fun, as we heard the Word of God proclaimed through out the museum. We stayed the night with them at a hotel in Burkettsville, OH.

The next day, Tuesday the 3rd of November,we played at a park in Indiana for lunch with the M.s. But we had to leave each other at some point in time, so they headed back to their home in Ohio, and we headed 60ml to stay the night in Mount Pleasant, IN. We left early because we wanted to see our relatives who lived in Iowa. We arrived at my grandparents house 387ml away in Mount Pleasant, and we stayed behind for a day, while the S.s went on ahead to Des Moines. The next day we also arrived in our hotel, it was 11:30pm, and my grandpa had to drive 246ml all the way back with my uncle. For the next few days we attended Kevin Swanson’s “Freedom 2015, National Religious Liberties” conference in Des Moines. It was a fantastic experience, many different speakers proclaimed the gospel to many different families who all shared common goals. They also equipped us to defend our families in the coming ages. Sunday night found us staying in Sioux Falls, SD, 283ml West. Lunch was awesome, Wall Drug Cafe had buffalo burgers waiting for us and boy where they delicious! Although Wall Drug had been 292ml away from Sioux Falls, and we had spent quiet a long time there, we still drove 77ml to see MT Rushmore. We then stayed the night in Rapid City 23ml North of the mountain.

We left that morning in a hurry hoping to travel 543ml to Butte, MT with enough time to have a blast at Fairmont Hot Springs, just outside of Butte. We stayed the next night with our good friends the P.s 303ml Northwest in Athol, ID. We stayed there for a few days and left on Friday, we sadly left so we would to be able to make it to our friends grandparent house on Spokane, WA. We only stayed for a little snack and to say hi. We soon left and arrived at our friends house in Duvall. The total mileage for that day was 323ml, from Athol, to Duvall. The next morning my family and I finally arrive home, and boy where we glad! 24 days we where gone, and we traveled well over 6000 miles on our cross country road trip. In honor of the two conferences that we attended we named our trip the Holy Freedom Road Trip!


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