Affected by Ideas

English L50 Essay

Its easy to get caught up with trying to answer the question, “Has any piece of literature affected you in some way?” When really all you need to do is realize that every piece of writing that you have read, has given you ideas, and therefor has changed the way (even in a small scale) that you view the world. So this means that every book, article, newspaper, and letter that you have read has affected you either in a positive, or negative way. It does not matter what you actually think about that piece of literature, it still has and will affect you. This is because when you read, you think, and when you think, you change, no matter how tiny the change might be.

As for myself, I have read so much literature that I view the world in a totally different way then I did a few years ago. This is because I have been filling my head with ideas, that have great value, that will teach me things that I never would, and never will learn unless someone else can tell me about it. This is partly why I read mostly history, because I can immediately learn from a mistake that someone made, and be carful in the future to not walk close to the pit where someone else fell in. I also read theology because, I always want to be ready to give an answer for the hope this within me.

I encourage people to read, it is such a blessing given to us, where as other people who cannot understand writing, would give their right arm to be able to comprehend letters and words. Words in and out of themselves mean nothing, but when brought together, they can change people. Why else do you think Adolf Hitler burned literature, because if those ideas got into the peoples heads he would not have power over them. Words, when combined, can create ideas so powerful that it can change, and is changing the whole world. I like the famous saying, “The pen is mightier then the sword,” and this is true in so many ways.Those who have the power to read should, but more importantly, those who have the power to write, should pick up the pens and change the world!


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