Accuracy, Succinctness, or Liveliness?

English L40 Essay

I think that if you want to get your story out then you have to keep your readers interested, and to do this you need to write a lively story so that their eyes are glued to the pages as your story unfolds. Now, there is a time when accuracy is most important, if you as a child got the chance to have a conversation with a politician, then when you wrote about it later in life it would be of the utmost importance that you “quoted” that person exactly. Lest you deface his/her reputation in a positive or negative sanction. Now there are times when you can fictionalize a conversations exact words to give flair to your dialog. Unless, your made up words will significantly affect the person you or someone else conversed with. So if you plan to write an autobiography later in your life, then you would do well to write down important conversations that you might of had, to properly quote those people another time.

Above all you want your story to be read, if nobody ever reads your story then whats the point in writing it? If to make your story readable you need to make a lively approach to it then do so. But if you want to emphasize a very clear point at any given time, and you want to use very little wording to help your point get across, you probably want you take a succinct approach. I personally would want to draw my story out, put the reader in a spot where they have to look back into their own life, and see where they can do better now. Then I would follow through with a succinct ending, so I can make a difference in the lives of of my readers.

I think that each approach to writing is dependent entirely on the writer, his/her life, and their targeted audience. I personally would open my autobiography with a lively start, an accurate middle, and succinctness in my closing. So that I could engage my reader into my story, accurately unfold my story, and then give them a punch in the end so they can see and not make the same mistakes I did. My purpose in writing an autobiography later in life (as you might of guessed), would be to help open peoples eyes to the amazing truth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.



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