A Crisis that Changed a Man

English L15 Essay

Jim Lehrer was a man of many words, he had a lot to say about important topics, and being a news man, he spent much of his time writing. Aside for his love of writing, Jim loved buses. He calls himself a bus man, and he collects bus signs. He was a smoker, a junk food eater, and he hated hospitals.  But all that changed when he had a heart attack! After almost dying from a heart attack, the nurses having saved his life, he reevaluated his lifestyle. He took into account all the things that he did to his body, and committed to change. He started with his smoking habit, making the decision to never smoke again. He then proceeded to make a healthy living list, listing all of the junk food he loved and replacing it with a healthier choice. He wanted to get his priorities right, so he made a another list, he wanted to love, relax, and write. He also listed the things that stressed him out, stress that wouldn’t be heathy for his recovery. He got stressed when he had to listen to small talk, and when he had to give speeches. Driving to work and taking the New York Shuttle also stressed him out. Now some of those thing he had to do, but he could do his best to stay clear of some of them.  He loved the people he worked with, the environment that was created when they where working together he enjoyed. He wasn’t under to much pressure, the tasks that he needed to do with deadlines didn’t bother him. He flourished under deadline pressure, so there was no need to change his line of work. He asked himself that if he had five years to live what would he spend it doing. He wanted to write fiction, and he wrote a lot of it.

Jim went to a hospital gym regularly to help his recovery process, and the men who where there where vital to his recovery. They exchanged their stories, things that they wouldn’t tell anyone, and being there, hearing these amazing stories help him recover. He needed bypass surgery, and the doctor said there was 98% that he would survive the surgery, so he said yes, and made it through. Shortly afterward he went back to work “unbugled” and everyone was happy to see him.  He wrote a documentary and said it was the most important thing he had ever done. He also wrote about his heart attack experience, He titled it “My Heart Your Heart” and he hoped that people would read it and see that the choices they make about what the put-in and do with their bodies, is a choice of life and death in the future.

Jim was an unhappy man before his life erupted, but after his heart attack he changed. Everything he does now he loves, he loves his family, he loves his work, and he loves his writing. Jim Lehrer is a happy man.


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