A Choice That Led Kourdakov to Fail His Assignment.

English L30 Essay

I am going to focus on Kourdakov’s decisions to become a communist instead of a criminal. How the ethics behind the decision caused him to fail his assignment of breaking up a christian worship service. Each life offered opportunities, he also was good at both, but he finally chose communism. He said that his reckless days were behind him and that now he needed study and discipline. He also said that he had a growing love and enthusiasm for Lenin’s teachings and the aims and goals of communism. He wanted to go far, he wanted to get to the top, he wanted to be tough, he wanted to be the best.  He graduated at the top of his class, and the school he was in was the best in the district. Since he was the leader of his school he got praise from some of the communist leaders. Now that he had graduated he had some choices to make, to go farther in the Communist Party he had to choose wisely. The army would not get him anywhere, but the navy on the other hand that was a different story. He said that he wanted to be an officer in the navy (The navy is way better then the army. . . way better. Trust me . . . I know, my dad is an officer in the navy). With the help of Comrade Skripko, Kourdakov was accepted into the naval officer training academy. On the train ride he learned that he must be strong, this was the most valuable lesson he had to heed. As he moved up in the academy he was assigned guard duty one Sunday morning, and he saw believers going to church. He knows that there is religious freedom in Russia, because people are openly going to church. This tells him that people are allowed to worship as they please in the USSR, which is true, it came directly from Lenin. Which leads to his hesitation later in his life. After some time the head of the secret police came to Kourdakov and recruited him. Their job was manly to control brawlers, and drunkards. Getting into fights so they could arrest people. On one occasion they were going to a house to break up a service. They didn’t really know why, but when they got there he tapped on the door, and a guy came and answered the door. They talked in hushed tones so as not to disturb the worship meeting. The man told them that they had the right to worship as they please. He quoted Lenin, which put Kourdakov and his men in a bad spot. After a while two of the men from the service left with Kourdakov willingly. Back at headquarters  this caused a lot of heated rebuke from his supervisor. Their supervisor wanted violence, fighting, and blood. He wanted to persecute christians, but he wanted it done secretly so the public didn’t know people were being persecuted. Kourdakov was confused, Lenin had said that people could worship as they saw fit. Now his job was to persecute them. According to his supervisor he failed to bring violence to this christian group.








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